After too long we are finally putting up some photos everyone has been asking for. please see link to Facebook at top of page for the most recent posts, and photos.
And by means of this post please also note we are hiring paid interns for the summer 2015, skills in hospitality, constant   contact, WordPress and social media preferred. We are also hiring(2) Water servers for The Beer Garden, and up to 8 cheerful attractive people to help sell water from  Water Coolers at First Flush May 24th, Make some money, and see the show......... this year is Sheryl Crow. We will have 4 Moving Water Coolers at this years show.

Just in the last month we have provided the purified drinking water for “Berkeley County Family Day, Spring Jam,  Yoga Pop, and  The May Day Run,  The Mega Mud Run Challenge ,  with next weekend May 16th, The Beer Garden at Patriots point,   Live a Better Life Health and fitness Expo May 23rd Daniel Island, And as mentioned Moving Water will be at First Flush May 24 at The Tea Plantation proving cold sustainable drinking water in reusable cups and drink-ware. Site purified by Kinetico Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Violet, Carbon and Alkaline enhancement technology, Moving Water is perfect for the most demanding home water solution, or event hydration.

NAC Wins concert

As usual the show at Awendaw Green had some amazing bands celebrating and benefiting Nick Collins for all of you Fowler’s Mustache fans and friends. He has come far enough to play with the band, and they did make some beautiful music.